Celebrate St Brigid at Powerscourt Distillery

Sun 05th February 2023 | 12 noon to 5 pm | Powerscourt Distillery

The Powerscourt Distillery are delighted to host a celebration of St Brigid on Sunday, February 5th, 2023, in their award-winning Visitor Centre. This follows the success of the inaugural event last year at the Distillery and also marks the occasion of the new Bank Holiday in her honour.

The programme features a mix of free and ticketed events, booking information, and further details can be found here

Drawing on Brigid’s associations with food, farming, dairying, brewing, hospitality and love of nature, the programme for Sunday, February 5th includes whiskey tastings and masterclasses, food and whiskey pairings, cocktail classes, discussion panels, performances,  live music and artisan food,  drink and craft market.  

February 1st, her feast day, is shared with Imbolc, the ancient Celtic festival which heralds the arrival of Spring. Due to her strong association with the natural world and love of landscape, Brigid’s spirit and the spirit of Imbolc harmoniously unite to capture the energy and vitality of this moment.

Brigid, Celtic Goddess and our ‘matron Saint’, is one of the most amazing role models in Irish history. Representing healing, wisdom and fire, she was known for her warmth, generosity and tenacity. Born in 453 A.D. and a member of the Tuatha de Danann, she was a woman of friendship and charity, compassion and peace. Holding a unique position in the early Irish church, she established a settlement at Kildare in 480 A.D., which grew from humble beginnings into a thriving egalitarian monastery that was acclaimed across the world as a centre of education, pilgrimage, worship and hospitality and where she ruled as Abbess over a dual community of women and men who practised equally, side-by-side.  

Join The Powerscourt Distillery team and connect her legends and legacies through a contemporary lens and honour the vibrant voice and transformative power of a trailblazing woman, St Brigid.

 We welcome the season of renewal with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate an extraordinary spirit in the home of our own extraordinary spirit, Fercullen Irish Whiskey.