Wicklow Naturally new member submission form

Wicklow Naturally is the food and drink brand designed to champion County Wicklow, which was formed by a collaboration of food and drink representatives, Wicklow County Council, County Wicklow Partnership, the Local Enterprise Office and Wicklow Tourism.

The group works voluntarily to develop Wicklow Naturally as a positive, sustainable and environmentally conscious brand that showcases the finest food and drink from County Wicklow. Wicklow Naturally is born out of the Wicklow Food and Beverage Strategy launched in April 2019.

The strategy has five goals: 

  1. To tell the Wicklow Story
  2. To develop a food activity calendar
  3. To increase stakeholder networking
  4. To get local food to local consumers
  5. To provide appropriate business supports

We’re hoping to get all of the high quality, high service businesses associated with food in Wicklow to become members of ‘Wicklow Naturally’.

What are the benefits?

There is a range of benefits that will flow from membership of Wicklow Naturally. Some of these will be immediate, others will take time to deliver. We are confident that, once we have a critical mass of members, we will be able to raise the profile of Wicklow food and drive visitor traffic to businesses in Wicklow.

A brief summary of the benefits of membership is shown below:

  • Being part of a joint, Wicklow wide programme to promote the county and draw tourists to businesses providing food within Wicklow.
  • A listing on the Wicklow Naturally Website – which will be heavily promoted and linked to tourism events.
  • The opportunity to become involved in business networking events.
  • The opportunity to meet potential suppliers of high-quality regional food who can make a difference to your businesses.
  • The opportunity to build business collaborations to jointly benefit businesses in different sectors in Wicklow.
  • The opportunity to become involved in food activities such as food trails or specific food events in order to promote your business and the aims of Wicklow Naturally.
  • A clear understanding of the output and activity of all other businesses within the Wicklow Naturally network, enabling businesses to work together to benefit each other.
  • The ability to jointly sell Wicklow as a food destination, increasing tourism and visitor traffic to the county.
  • Promotion via social media
  • Delivery of joint Wicklow promotional events

What are my responsibilities?

  • To commit to sourcing an appropriate proportion of Wicklow foods from the Wicklow Naturally Producers database.
  • To commit to offering at least one Wicklow Naturally signature dish.
  • To display Wicklow Naturally signage and promotional material and to actively promote Wicklow Naturally Food and Drink products and other food businesses or tourism sites within Wicklow.
  • To supply up to date information about your business for the Wicklow Naturally website.
  • To comply with all relevant Trading Standards and consumer protection legislation currently in force.

What is the cost?

Annual membership of Wicklow Naturally is on a per-company basis and packages are defined by company size to ensure our services are available to all:

  • 0-5 Employees – Annual fee of €100.00
  • +5 Employees – Annual fee of €200.00
  • +50 Employees – Annual fee of €300.00

Please complete the membership enquiry submission form below in full and one of the team will be in touch to discuss your application:


If you are having trouble using the online membership enquiry submission form above please download, and complete the application form in full (.pdf version) via the below link and email it back to info@wicklownaturally.ie.


Download Wicklow Naturally Member Application Form (.pdf format)


Please send a separate email with your logo and product images and then one of the team will be in touch to discuss your application.