Content Creator Wicklow Naturally

Wicklow Naturally is seeking a Content Creator

Wicklow Naturally is looking at contracting a content creator for the production of short promotional videos and imagery showcasing the diversity of foods and flavours produced around County Wicklow.  Content will be used on the various Wicklow Naturally social media platforms.  The objective of this project is to help raise the profile of the Wicklow Naturally members and the showcase the diversity of flavours produced in Wicklow.  

The project includes the production of the following:

  • The shooting and editing of short and snappy videos between 10 and 30 seconds for as many Wicklow Naturally food producers and experiences as budget allows.
  • The production of still images (portrait and landscape) images to coincide with each location featured on above videos.
  • The above content can be produced using mobile phones with strong imagery capability.
  • Edited videos will be delivered with no background music
  • All content produced is to be made available copyright free to Wicklow Naturally for future use.

Shooting days and budget structure:

  • Content creator is to dedicate 2 days per month over the next few months and cover five different ‘experiences/venues’ per shooting day.  Each ‘experience/venue’ is to get it’s own edit and still images.  Edits and still images can be released gradually in between shooting days.
  • Budget per shooting day is €1000 to include edits and still images.  Travel and other expenses are inclusive within €1000.
  • Total budget for the project is between  €10,000 to €15,000 depending on members’ participation.
  • This project is to start as soon as possible

To apply, send an email to with sample of previous work done.

Applications have to be received before Wednesday 26th of June 2024 midday.