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Wed 28th July 2021

In Wicklow, we are so lucky to be blessed with many talented and dedicated dairy producers. Between them, they provide an array of products not just from cow’s milk but from goats and even sheep!

With excellent pasture full of flavour, from the coastal farms of Arklow to the rolling hills of West Wicklow and the rugged terrain enjoyed by sheep and goat herds, the Wicklow landscape offers the same variety that is reflected in its signature cheeseboard, ‘The Aislinn Cheeseboard’. The Aislinn Cheeseboard was inspired by the vision of a 9th-century poet who had a dream (Aislinn) about the abundant dairy produce of Ireland.

The dairy produce of Wicklow includes not only cheese but yoghurt, milk, and ice cream! And did you know that Wicklow cows produce the rich Cream that goes into Bailey’s Irish Cream?

Joe Hayden is a dairy farmer based at Tinahely, and it’s there on his family farm that his dairy herd produces the milk that goes into making the world-famous Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Members of Wicklow Naturally are committed to producing sustainably. Wicklow’s many food producers appreciate the surroundings that inspire and provide. There is a desire among the dairy farmers in our membership to protect this remarkable landscape, reap the bounty that it has to offer and work in harmony with nature.

Joe Hayden offers a shining example of sustainable farming with his herd of ‘Bailey’s Ladies’. The Hayden family have farmed in the County Wicklow village since 1865. Joe and Michael Hayden are fifth-generation owners. Their desire and commitment to preserving the natural heritage of their farm with a strong emphasis on biodiversity. They are members of Origin Green, and as such, the farm has been audited to meet the highest standards under the Bord Bia Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme. Watch Joe talking about their Origin Green journey here.

All milk is produced using a grass-based system focusing on the continuous improvement of soil fertility, milk, grass quality, and herd genetics. The Hayden family has invested significantly in expanding their farm and dairy herd in recent years but has taken effective action to mitigate any associated increased emissions. Five hectares of the land is given over to fen bog, natural woodland, and wild meadow where a large variety of flora and fauna thrives.

To find out more about Joe and his farm, why not check the link here, where Joe takes us on a virtual tour of his farm and invites us to learn how they became a Bailey’s partner.


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What Is Origin Green?

Origin Green is the worlds’ only national food and drinks sustainability programme, enabling the industry to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment and serve local communities more effectively. Read more here.

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